Wisdom Teeth

We are able to remove Wisdom teeth that are easy as well as difficult ones that are impacted in the jawbone. We provide anxiolytic and sedative drugs like Valium (Diazepam) or Ativan (Lorazepam). We inform patients of the conditions and be able to help them remove these teeth that cause serious complications to their periodontal health as well as symptoms of pain and swelling.

What are wisdom teeth?

Third molars are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. They are usually the last teeth to develop and are located in the back of your mouth, behind your second molars. Their development is usually completed between the middle teenage years and early twenties, a time traditionally associated with the onset of maturity and the attainment of wisdom.

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Wisdom Teeth Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of wisdom teeth, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to wisdom teeth are discussed.

Wisdom Teeth Presentation