Patient Review by Tamara’e T

Okay I'm not exactly sure where to begin ..I'm going to try to keep it as short as possible and straight to the point. I have very very bad anxiety and I stress myself to the point I can't stop crying and just have a very bad time being relaxed. I think my fear was caused from unpleasant dental visits as a child and throughout adulthood. I've been having a really bad tooth ache for a while. The pain would come and go but it finally got to the point that it was unbearable. I actually felt like the pain was in my left ear. A bit discouraged with finding a dentist during this covid-19 stuff going on I hopped on yelp and proceeded to look for dentist that had experience with treating clients with anxiety. Dr. Pena had very good reviews which prompt me to call. I reached out to Dr.Pena and she was really nice over the phone, she ordered me a prescription to help with pain and set me up for a next day appointment to be seen. Today was my first time visiting Dr.Pena and I can honestly say this was the best experience I've ever had in my life with visiting the dentist. She explained everything to me step by step. She and her assistant ( I don't remember her name we're so nice and attentive and caring) she numbed me very very good. The best numbing I've ever had. I've had experiences of not being numbed enough and feeling terrible pain during procedures. She knows exactly what she's doing and completed my root canal quickly. I felt pretty embarrassed at how bad I was crying during the procedure. I always humiliate myself,lmao and SMH. It's hard to explain but in that moment I actually feel like I'm dying... Thank goodness there weren't any children in the office. This experience has really changed how I feel about visiting the dentist. Even though I cried my heart out, I feel really proud of myself. Well anyways , I have to go back in a month or so to get the root canal completed. I already feel much better and I know what to expect now. I am so grateful to this wonderful professional and nice Dentist. I look forward to taking better care of my teeth and visiting the office in the future. I highly recommend Dr.Pena. P.S the office is clean, there is ample parking as well!

- Tamara’e T

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